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Colour coding personality type test

Personality tests assess the personality and link it to certain behaviour patterns. It is a useful tool for individuals and for companies. Personality tests might sound scary, but in fact they are fun to do and very useful. A personality type test can lead to understanding personality, character, drive and behaviour. 

Personality type test Vivid Teams for companies

Personality type test for individuals

At the individual level, a personality type test shows you why you get along with some people and why not so much with others, how you can best work with other people in a team, and the type of work environment that best suits you. Everything you learn from a test can also be relevant to your private life. Understanding your own personality type is invaluable in your inter-personal relationships and in communicating more effectively in your work and private life. 

Personality type test for businesses

Businesses are run with and by people. Nowadays, more companies are understanding that if they recognise and meet their employees’ needs, their employees will perform better, they will feel better and they will be more productive. A personality type test among employees can give the employer insights about these needs. Companies should aim for teams that can effectively communication with each other and with external parties. 

Personality type test for employees

At the company level, employers can do personality profiling (personality type test) to understand the individuals in their company and the dynamics that this collection of individuals are likely to have. Understanding this makes using the right communication strategy with individuals easier and hence creating a more conducive work environment. It also helps employers decide which applicants to hire and how to create a motivating environment for them so that they can flourish and be productive.

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Personality type test Vivid Teams colourtest

Personality type test for teams

Many companies put their teams together according to subject areas and/or job descriptions. While these may be important, what if the team members cannot even communicate effectively with each other let alone cooperate to get a job done? Very few companies look at the team composition in terms of personalities and this often ends in disaster. Research has shown that 75% of cross-department teams are dysfunctional. Trying to understand the personality profiles in teams by using personality tests for team building will create an environment in which everyone will be happy, cooperative and productive. After all, all teams are made up of individuals with their own distinct personalities. If the team is able to communicate, collaborate and work well together, the job will get done and the business will thrive. It makes perfect commercial sense.

Colour coding

Vivid Teams is endlessly fascinated by personality types and profiling, and sees the clear benefits that personality profiling brings to businesses. Vivid Teams uses a colour coding method called Behaviour Styles® which is based on DISC, a behaviour assessment tool developed by the psychologist William Moulton Marston.
DISC is easy to use and has remarkably accurate analyses. DISC identifies four main personality traits: Dominance (D) – Red; Influence (I) – Yellow; Steadiness (S) – Green; and Conscientiousness (C) – Blue. People are rarely just one colour. Most people have one dominant colour and a blend of other colours. Understanding someone’s DISC personality blend enables you to approach them appropriately and predict their responses. 

Vivid Teams workshops

Vivid Teams makes personality profiling enjoyable and inspirational. We create a safe environment in our workshops in which everyone feels comfortable to join in. The participants see how their behaviour affects the people around them and understand why this is the case. Equally, they start understanding their own reactions to others. We believe that if businesses develop the skills to inspire and motivate people with very different needs, their businesses will flourish.

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What is your dominant colour? Do the DISC test

Behaviour Styles

Would you like your team members to be great communicators? Do you want them to understand how different people behave under stress and be resilient to conflict? Then you need employees who understand themselves, each other and value each other’s unique contributions.

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