Igniting team performance

We deliver standalone workshops, integrated programs and custom solutions designed to increase engagement, optimize communication and elevate the performance of your leader and team. We believe team training and development should inspire, engage and deliver a lasting positive impact on your team and organisation.

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Behaviour Styles

Would you like your team members to be great communicators? Do you want them to understand how different people behave under stress and be resilient to conflict? Then you need employees who understand themselves, each other and value each other’s unique contributions.

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Focus on employee engagement

Highly engaged employees feel more connected and committed to their work, their team and the organisation. They enjoy coming to the office, work with passion and contribute to a positive growth culture. 

Research shows that organisations with higher employee engagement drive innovation and perform at higher levels. This is why successful companies make employee engagement central to their business strategy. 

  • Highly engaged teams show 21% higher profitability (Gallup)
  • Teams who score in the top 20% for engagement achieve a 41% reduction in absenteeism and have 59% less employee turnover (Gallup)

Focus on employee engagement

Clifton Strengths

Our methods and tools

The targeted tools we use, such as CliftonStrengths, our in-house 360⁰ feedback process, and the Behaviour Styles/ DISC assessment, maximise the impact of our programs on your organisation. All solutions are tailored to your needs. We can also work with your existing tools and processes to ensure our solutions fit right in.

You can be assured of the highest quality service and results. We ensure we match you to a coach or trainer which will best suit your organisation’s needs and culture. We are passionate about delivering the highest quality service, and a memorable and lasting positive change within your team.

Our approach


During our workshops and programs, your team members will be encouraged to self-reflect on their natural and adapted behaviour style and how they show up to others. They are given knowledge and practical tools to make positive mindset and behaviour shifts. We want to create “a-ha!” moments of realisation and insights for each individual. This experience will transform your team, evolve your business culture and drive growth. Ultimately creating positive, impactful and lasting change in the culture of your organisation.


The best learning experiences are fun, interactive and practical. Everything we deliver is designed to balance highly interactive activities, beautifully presented visual content and moments to pause and reflect. Our workshops and programs are facilitated by the very best coaches and trainers and are matched to the culture and needs of your organisation.


Vivid Teams knows the business challenges faced in a highly competitive, ever-changing and fast-paced marketplace. We appreciate the need for speed, authenticity and delivering value-added solutions. We speak your language, give you straight answers and motivate your people to lead the change.

Our approach


At the start of a project, we map out relevant business and HR stakeholders in your organisation. We discover your exact needs, work with in-house learning & development/HR teams, and we can work with your existing tools and processes to ensure our solutions fit right in. Alternatively, if you need help defining your learning & development needs, we can help evaluate your strategy and create bespoke programs and workshops, just for you.

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