Extensive Program - Culture Transformation

Culture is the elusive and intangible force which drives behaviour within your organisation. The beliefs, attitudes and unspoken rules of your employees can be a power for positive growth or the anchor that’s weighing your organisation down. Knowing how your employees feel and how they behave and interact with each other is just as important, if not more important than having a clear strategic plan in place. 

Extensive Program - Culture Transformation

A healthy and thriving workplace culture will ensure you attract and retain the best people and you get the most out of them as they’ll be happy in their jobs and are achieving their potential. Recognising your current culture is one step, but meaningless if you don’t have the tools and support to know how to improve it, if necessary. Leaders also need to recognise the power of their position to model the right behaviours. They have a crucial role in evolving the culture from the top down.

According to TINYpulse, 43% of workers would be willing to leave their companies for a 10% salary increase, and weak company cultures are to blame. In this program we help you define and understand your culture and work together to create a plan to evolve your organisation and achieve the business goals you desire.

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"Culture eats strategy for lunch"

Peter Drucker, Austrian-American management consultant, educator, and author.

Program objectives

  • Find out more about culture and the different types of factors which determine cultural health
  • Evaluate the current state of your organisation culture
  • Identify the gaps and opportunities to improve your cultural landscape
  • Design a strategic roadmap and a 60-day action plan for your business
  • Measure your progress to keep your team motivated and on track

Program outline

  • Intake: Discovery session (1-2 hours). We will engage with the key business and/or HR stakeholders to understand the current cultural climate. 
  • Connection: Leader Session (2-4 hours). We will deliver a culture training session combined with discussing and agreeing ways to measure the culture. 
  • Analyse: Culture survey: plan, launch and analysis (4-6 hours). We will develop and launch a survey based on the feedback from the leader session. This includes a communication plan to ensure this lands effectively with your organisation. 
  • Planning: Strategy day (4-6 hours). The business leader and/or HR partner work together with selected team members to review the results of the cultural survey. Next, they’ll develop a strategic action plan to work towards the future vision as identified during the connection session and survey process. 
  • Check-in: Quarterly leader coaching sessions (4 x 1 hour). During these sessions with the leader and/or HR partner, progress will be tracked and coaching and support provided.


  • Typical program duration is 12 months
  • Standalone program or developed in conjunction with existing in-house L&D programs 
  • Option 1: Our facilitator will travel to your location 
  • Option 2: Let us organise a fantastic training venue for you

Who is it for?

  • Senior business and/or HR Leader 
  • Team size of 2 minimum to 10 maximum
  • Teams going through change (e.g. a new leader, merger or acquisitions) or facing business challenges
  • Start-ups or high growth companies
  • Any industry or sector
  • Any function or industry
  • Multi-function or single-function teams

How to book?

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Our solutions and pricing

Fill in your details and learn more about our solutions and its pricing. We can help you assess your needs and find the best fit.

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