Extensive Program - New Leader Onboarding

Would you like to successfully onboard a new leader? In this program, you’ll learn how to do this. Your team will be on a positive trajectory to achieving a healthy culture and its long-term performance goals. Hiring or promoting a new leader is a huge and risky investment. Early actions and decisions have a profound impact on the success or failure of the leader. Ensure that your leader is set-up for success by following our comprehensive onboarding program. 

Workshop - New Leader Onboarding

This program will provide every possible opportunity to develop your new leader’s coaching, strategic and leadership skills. They will be guided to thoroughly assess the situation they’ve inherited, including the business challenges, their new team, company culture, and the stakeholder environment. 

The New Leader Onboarding program is a highly interactive learning journey that runs over six months. It offers case discussions, assessment exercises and peer coaching. The leader is equipped with a detailed action plan for the next ninety days and beyond. They will feel confident and have the tools and support to succeed.

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"It’s 69% more likely for new hires to remain in a company for 3 years if there is a well-structured onboarding program"


Program outline


  • Intake: Discovery session (1-2 hours). We will engage with the business leader and/or HR partner to understand the current team situation. What are the strategic plans for the team, the level of performance, current team dynamics, what business pressures the team is facing etc.
  • Connection: Leader meeting (1-2 hours). We will get to know the new leader’s strengths and development areas. The leader will receive a tailored development profile, including leadership profile template, case studies and reading assignments.


  • Trust: Team workshop (4-8 hours) designed for the team to get to know the leader and to raise concerns in a comfortable way. We then facilitate the group discussions, feedback gathering and the Q&A session.


  • 90-day plan: Analysing your transition challenges and defining your goals; the leader will design a plan and identify ways to deliver results immediately.
  • Monthly check-in: Leader coaching calls/meetings (6 x 1 hour). This objective-focused discussion and follow-up is based on team workshop insights. It’s essential for providing the leader with additional coaching and support.
  • Follow-up: 3-month Team Workshop (2-4 hours). We’ll track the progress of the leader and team.
  • Optional extras: Annual 360⁰ feedback assessment and CliftonStrength

Program objectives

For the Leader:

  • Identify current state and key challenges
  • Align with key stakeholders to secure early wins 
  • Establish vision, direction and strategic plan
  • Accelerate the team you have inherited and establish a winning culture
  • Build alliances to support your key initiatives
  • Troubleshoot any issues early on 

For the Team:

  • Make sure leader and team are on the same page 
  • Create a relationship with the leader built on trust and transparency
  • Let your feedback and insights contribute to a strategic plan, have your voices heard
  • Unlock the potential of your team and create an inspiring growth environment 
  • Elevate support and partnership between the team, leader and key stakeholders
  • Ensure the retention of the new leader and high performing team members


  • Typical program duration is 6 months
  • This can be a standalone program or developed in conjunction with existing in-house Learning & Development programs
  • Option 1: Our facilitator will travel to your location
  • Option 2: Let us organise a fantastic training venue for you


Who is it for?

  • Any leader joining a new team
  • Any experience level: from very experienced executive to a newly promoted leader
  • A leader who has either taken a new role, acquired a team through a reorganisation or merger, or has been newly promoted
  • Ideally, the leader would begin the program within the first four months of starting the role to gain maximum benefit
  • Teams based in one location or remotely
  • Program duration can be adjusted (recommended 6 months)

How to book?

Book a discovery call so we can learn about the team and company. We can then plan the workshop and communication with the team. We can adapt the program to your needs. Modules can be adjusted according to internal procedures.

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Our solutions and pricing

Fill in your details and learn more about our solutions and its pricing. We can help you assess your needs and find the best fit.

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