Workshop - Strategy Re-set

Would you like your teams to have a crystal-clear vision? Do you think your employees should have easy to digest goals and actions? This workshop looks at strategy, the key to business success. It’s essential, but not always easy for businesses to create clear and achievable actions, and strategic plans with owners and regular follow-ups.

Workshop - Strategy Re-set

This in-house program dives deep into these business challenges and opportunities faced by your team, business and industry. Your teams will be guided through a journey to cut the clutter and noise. They learn how to create a strategic plan from the bottom-up, using the collective brainpower and knowledge in their team. After this two-day workshop, they will have streamlined their business strategy, goals and actions into an accessible and easy-to-follow plan.

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"Our goals can only be reached through the vehicle of a plan. There is no other route to success."

Pablo Picasso, Spanish painter.

Workshop objectives

  • Make strategic thinking a habit
  • Evaluate how internal and external forces might affect your strategic moves
  • Identify opportunities to improve your top and bottom line
  • Design a strategic roadmap and an immediate 90-day action plan for your business

Workshop outline

Day 1: Assess

  • Understand the strategic assessment model and framework
  • Do an interactive guided exercise to collect all team members’ viewpoints 
  • Complete the framework to analyse your team and/or business 
  • Create a critical assessment of your business challenges and opportunities 

Day 2: Prioritise & Mobilise

  • Identify which strategic initiatives are worth pursuing and achieve a clear vision 
  • Use the value proposition framework to prioritise new strategic initiatives
  • Test the potential of each strategic goal and action: the ability to create value and the risks associated with executing them
  • Write up a draft strategic plan to include owners, prioritised actions and end dates 
  • Conduct a gap analysis of your organisational capabilities and resources and decide where is best to invest to close the gaps


  • 2-day program, can be delivered over 2 consecutive days or spread differently 
  • Option 1: Our facilitator will travel to your location 
  • Option 2: Let us organise a fantastic training venue for you

Who is it for?

  • Existing or new teams or businesses looking to create a clear strategic vision
  • Teams going through change (e.g. a new leader, merger or acquisitions) or facing business challenges
  • Start-ups or high growth companies
  • Any industry or sector
  • Any function or industry
  • Multi-function or single-function teams
  • Ideally one senior team member, beside the other team members, who can make strategic decisions, otherwise the investment decision will be created into a proposal 

How to book?

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Our solutions and pricing

Fill in your details and learn more about our solutions and its pricing. We can help you assess your needs and find the best fit.

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