Why use personality profiling in business?

Personality type test Vivid Teams 1.JPG14 Apr A brief history of categorising people We may not like to admit it, but as a species we have been putting each other into boxes ever since we moved out of caves and started living and organising ... full story

This is how we use personality profiling in business

Different-communication-styles-Vivid-Teams.JPG31 Mar Dysfunctional teams are bad for business Many organisations experience the effects of sub-optimal teamwork the hard way. They may see that their staff are just not gelling and that this is causing... full story

Welcome to our website!

sfeerfoto-home-VividTeams.jpg03 Dec We are very happy to announce the launch of our new website for Vivid teams! Welcome. Please feel free to look around and ask us questions about our workshops and/or custom solutions. Contact ... full story

Take a look inside one of our workshops

VividTeams-workshop.JPG31 Oct We had a blast during a full day behaviour styles workshop. Take a look below. Many thanks to everyone who participated in this workshop! Would you also like to do a workshop with your team? Check... full story
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