Workshop - Behaviour Styles®

Behaviour Styles® is a fun, inspirational and interactive workshop. Your employees learn about themselves and the different personalities in their team. The Behaviour Styles® colour assessment and workshop go deep into everyone’s unique blend of the four colours that represent behaviour style.

Workshop - Behaviour Styles

Would you like your team members to be great communicators? Do you want them to understand how different people behave under stress and be resilient to conflict? Then you need employees who understand themselves, each other and value each other’s unique contributions. This workshop helps teams achieve harmony and productivity. When all the colours in the team can share their opinions, everyone contributes to discussion and problem solving. They all unite together and work through problems and challenges.

The Behaviour Styles® colours assessment was developed by the American company Integrity Solutions. It is based on DISC, a behaviour assessment tool by psychologist William Moulton Marston and consists of four different personality traits: RED – Dominance (D), YELLOW –Influence (I), GREEN – Steadiness (S) and BLUE – Conscientiousness (C).

The colour red represents the dominant employees, the doers in the team. Yellow stands for the influencers or talkers. Green employees are steady, the supporters. The blues are the conscientious employees or controllers. Often people are a blend of two colours, for example, a combination of red and yellow characteristics becomes an orange.

During our workshop, the participants gain awareness of how their behaviour affects and impacts others around them, particularly those with a colour type on the opposite side of the wheel. We create a safe environment where all types feel comfortable to speak up. The workshop shows employees and leaders the benefits of listening and tapping into the potential of all colour types in their team. 

We believe the biggest opportunity for business leaders is developing the ability to inspire and motivate different people with very diverse needs and desires. Creating the ideal working environment where every team member, no matter their colour style, can be happy and successful at work. Having the knowledge and skills to unlock the potential in every team member is the key competitive advantage.

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"Behaviour Styles® is a fun, inspirational and interactive workshop."

Katie Langan


Behaviour Styles - Workshop

Workshop objectives

  • Understand different communication styles and preferences 
  • Apply tools to predict other people’s behaviour styles
  • Elevate self-awareness
  • Increase understanding and harmony within the team
  • Improve team and client relationships 
  • Gain tools to adapt own personal behaviour style
  • Communicate more effectively in conflict situations

Workshop outline

The workshop consists of two parts. First, team members learn to understand themselves better and see how they are viewed by others. The workshop offers practical tools, so employees can learn to adapt their style to interact more effectively with team members and customers. 

In the second part, the team members gain a deeper and more meaningful understanding of each other. How they like to connect and communicate and what frustrates them. They improve communication and boost team performance.

Online Colour Behaviour Styles Assessment

Before the workshop, all participants complete our online assessment. Afterwards, everyone receives a hardcopy of their individual, detailed 35-page report about the unique blend of the four behaviour colours. It contains:  

  • Personalised colour graph and wheel with natural (rarely changes over time) and adapted styles (changes due to the current situation at work/home/life)
  • Strengths and development areas
  • Motivations and needs
  • Communication do’s and don’ts
  • Behaviour under stress
  • Team colour wheel
  • Practical tools and exercises to help you understand yourself and others
  • A detailed personal 2-page report summary


  • 1 or 2 days: Adapted to your needs and budget
  • Option 1: Our facilitator will travel to your location
  • Option 2: Let us organise a fantastic training venue for you

Who is it for?

  • Team size of 4 minimum to 20 maximum
  • Teams based in one location or remotely. The important thing is that the team interacts with each other regularly
  • All levels of seniority and functions
  • The leaders also join in the workshop 

How to book?

Book a discovery call so we can learn more about your team and company. We can then plan the workshop and communication with the team. 

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