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Vivid Teams offers external HR consultancy to large companies. Are your in-house HR people just too stretched, or do you have a special project that needs that extra focus? Then why not hire an experienced HR consultant to enhance and blend seamlessly with your existing team? Contact us to discuss your needs.

Custom Solutions - HR Consulting

As a small company without a Human Resources department, hiring an HR consultant can also make a big difference. This provides the flexibility of an on-call HR expert, without the costly on-going expense of hiring a full-time HR person on the payroll. We have expert HR knowledge in all European countries within a wide variety of industries and company sizes. Vivid Teams can help you with the full employee life cycle. Vivid Teams can also help you outsource other HR services, such as payroll, legal and compensation. Please contact us to discuss your needs.

"Vivid Teams can help you with the full employee life cycle."

Katie Langan


Creating a winning job advert to attract the best talent, running the recruitment process, advising on the selection and hiring process. We can also work on a long-term strategy to evaluate and design your employer branding.


It often takes three to six months for new employees to get up to speed. Let us help you shorten this period. We will help you evaluate and design your onboarding process. The aim is to retain your best talent and make them feel welcome, integrated and a performing productive member of the team much quicker than without this support. 

Learning & Development

Can your staff continue developing themselves, so they feel motivated and inspired to contribute their best? Vivid Teams has extensive experience in advising how to stimulate employee development. You’ll learn what the knowledge gaps are in the organisation and what training and support suit your needs. 

People Strategy

We can help you evaluate and develop your HR strategy. Many companies these days struggle to retain top talent. How do you go about attracting, inspiring and retaining the best? We will analyse the market and competitors and work closely with leaders to create a realistic and achievable strategic plan to help drive your business to the next level.

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