Extensive Program - Performance Boost

Would you like to inspire your team and get them firing on all cylinders? Let this insightful and inspiring program boost the whole team and leader. Increased business challenges and stress can cause teams to underperform. Your people are your biggest investment. They are the key to achieving business goals. Get performance back on track, identify the root causes of underperformance and provide solutions to keep the momentum going. 

Extensive Programs - Performance Boost

Program objectives

  • Understand the root causes of team issues and underperformance
  • Conduct a review of your team mission, culture and strategy 
  • Facilitate a trusted partnership and optimise communication between the leader and the team 
  • Ensure the team and leader are strategically aligned
  • Create an open feedback culture within the team
  • Regain purpose, spirit and morale within the team
  • Ensure the team are performing optimally
  • Ensure the success and retention of high performing team members 

Solutions and pricing

Fill in your details and learn more about our solutions and its pricing. We can help you assess your needs and find the best fit.

"If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together."

African proverb

Workshop outline

  • Intake: Discovery session (1-2 hours). The team will engage with the business leader and/or HR partner to understand the current team situation. What are the strategic plans for the team, the level of performance, current team dynamics? What business pressures are the team facing, are there any issues causing the team to be less productive?
  • Connection: Leader meeting (1-2 hours). The team will build a trust relationship with the new leader so they are open to external support. 
  • Analyse: Team Effectiveness survey (plan, launch and analysis: 4-6 hours). This survey uses existing company performance frameworks. We can also help create new team performance frameworks.
  • Planning: Strategy day (4-6 hours). The team and the business leader and/or HR partner focus on solving the team issues identified during the discovery session and survey process. The themes could be morale, trust, strategy alignment, workload etc.
  • Trust: Team day (4-8 hours). During this one-day workshop, the team will hand-over the additional team strategy plan to the business leader and/or HR partner. 
  • Check-in: Monthly leader coaching sessions (6 x 1 hour). During these sessions with the leader and/or HR partner, progress will be tracked and coaching and support provided.
  • Follow-up: Team day (2-4 hours). After 3 months, there will be a follow-up team day with the leader and team to track progress


  • Typical program duration is 6 months
  • Standalone program or developed in conjunction with existing in-house L&D programs 
  • Option 1: Our facilitator will travel to your location 
  • Option 2: Let us organise a fantastic training venue for you

Who is it for?

  • Team size of 4 minimum to 20 maximum
  • Teams based in one location or remotely. The important thing is that the team interacts with each other regularly
  • All levels of seniority and functions

How to book?

Book a discovery call so we can learn about your team and company. We can then plan the workshop and communication with the team. We can adapt the program to your needs. Modules can be adjusted according to internal procedures.

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Our solutions and pricing

Fill in your details and learn more about our solutions and its pricing. We can help you assess your needs and find the best fit.

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