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Vivid Teams helps individuals understand themselves better and communicate more effectively with others. Do you think team training isn’t often as fun, practical and inspiring as it could be? Should it be more impactful and tailor-made than it usually is?

Then our approach and philosophy is just right for you.

Vivid Teams works with start-ups and small independent businesses, as well as experience with large international companies such as Nike, Zara and William Hill. Together with key business and HR leaders within your organisation, we evaluate your needs, existing tools and processes.

Vivid Teams helps individuals understand themselves better

We identify the specific learning styles and culture of your organisation. Then create a strategy and design the perfect programs and material. The training is always targeted to the right audience, so it resonates and sticks with your employees. In many cases, team training consists of just a one-off workshop. We don’t think that’s really useful, so most of our programs have follow-ups to ensure the best return on investment. You practise often with the material to solidify the training, so it has a long-lasting positive effect on your work. Surveys and other tools help to track the actual impact of our solutions.

Our training makes a real impact on team culture, morale and performance. You learn things about yourself and others that you can use in your daily work, and your employees become more engaged than before. This helps attract the best people, and keeps your existing top talent inspired and motivated so you can retain them. 

We are clearly not the traditional “corporate trainers”. All training is practical and designed to engage participants. Expect exciting, high-energy sessions, and visual, attractive training material. This will create an emotional and lasting influence. The result is that your team undergoes a positive shift in mindset. Vivid Teams transforms organisations, evolves business culture and drives growth.


Vivid Teams is an international company that works in the big cities in the Netherlands (Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Utrecht), in the United Kingdom (London, Cardiff, Birmingham, Glasgow etc.) and the Middle East (Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Doha, etc.). You can do the training remotely, by video conference technology, or we can travel to you.


Our Coach Network

Vivid Teams has an extensive network of specialised coaches and trainers across Europe and further afield. Are you looking for a specific language or culture specialist, or another type of specialist? Let us help you find a suitable coach or trainer for you. 

If accreditation is important, we can find you a coach or trainer who are members of the International Coach Federation(ICF) or are a member of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development(CIPD). Please contact us for more information.

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Are you a coach and are you interested in working with us? We would love to hear from you.

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