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This is how we use personality profiling in business

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Dysfunctional teams are bad for business

Many organisations experience the effects of sub-optimal teamwork the hard way. They may see that their staff are just not gelling and that this is causing ructions and affecting productivity. The Harvard Business Review even put the percentage of dysfunctional teams at about 75%! Surely this is undesirable for both the business and the team? But what to do? Many organisations will turn to adding procedures to try to make it better. They will add another administrative step, change a protocol, move a team member, buy new furniture … Any number of things. Maybe what they should do is take a long, close look at the personalities and the interpersonal relationships in the team and work on those instead. Ouch, scary! But if nothing else works, why not give it a go?

A collection of individuals

Every team is made up of a collection of individuals, each with their own personality, personal history, style of communication and approach to their work. A one-size fits all approach to boosting team unity rarely works. It may give the team a boost for a while, but after a while, that boost starts giving way to old habits and behaviours.

"A one-size fits all approach to boosting team unity rarely works."

Vivid Teams believes in the power of the individual and that every individual not only contributes their knowledge and skills to the team, but also strengthens the team by their very own unique personality and make-up. The trick is recognising that personality and make-up. Once you do, you can use it to the best advantage of both the individual and the team. Teams become empowered, the members draw on each others’ strengths, negotiate within the team better and before you know it, the team is performing more effectively.

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Enhancing teamwork through recognising personalities

We have seen time and time again. But how do we do it? How do we delve into the different personalities in one team with the intention of enhancing teamwork? One of the ways we do it is using the Behaviour Styles® colours assessment developed by Integrity Solutions. The Behaviour Styles® colours assessment uses the DISC colour assessment. Read more about DISC here.

Workshops created to work

Our team training sessions are not scary at all. We create a safe environment in which all the participants feel comfortable to speak and everyone listens. In fact, everyone we have worked with has said how enjoyable, inspirational and informative the workshops are. Try it, it’s fun!

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